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Pride 2022

Happy Pride, everyone!

This month has been a bit of a roller coaster. It's my second official pride (I came out publicly this time last year) and I wish I could say that it's just nonstop fun. The truth is, I'm kind of scared. Seeing the planned and highly organized attacks on LGBTQ+ from right nationalists like the Proud Boys, it's been a little scary to host my own pride events. There has also been quite a bit of unrest and biphobia within the queer community. This has been an issue I've been passionate about throughout the years, especially given the harassment and gatekeeping of closeted queer authors. Let me say this: I know that passing is a privilege. However, I also know that if I go to a Pride event, I may both feel unwelcome and get shot. And that's...not a good feeling. For right now, I'm just taking this year as a reminder that the things we fight for aren't won. We need to keep fighting until we have equity for all people, and that includes other forms of systemic violence that disproportionately impacts brown, Black and Native communities. If we do not honor intersectionality, we're doing it wrong.

These past months, I had the honor of penning several pieces about my journey coming out as an author. I can't think of any better way to celebrate Pride than to share these and continue to be exactly who I am.

Here they are!

The Magic of Seeing All of Yourself in Media on SLJ's Teen Librarian Toolbox

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