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"Katryn Bury is a master of middle grade voice. We Are Not Alone is a powerful, heartfelt exploration of loss, grief, and friendship. I absolutely loved it." —Michael Leali, award-winning author of The Civil War of Amos Abernathy and Matteo

We Are Not Alone

coming 10/29/24

From award-winning author Katryn Bury, of the Drew Leclair series, this hopeful, coming-of-age middle grade novel follows the unlikely friendship between Sam, a recent cancer survivor, and a popular girl at school as they come together on a quest to uncover the truth about alien life in honor of Sam’s best friend’s final wishes. This powerful story of friendship and grief is a gentle reminder that we are never alone in the universe.

Sam Kepler Greyson doesn’t want to be the “cancer kid.” After losing his best friend and fellow UFO enthusiast, Oscar, to brain cancer, Sam wants to focus on anything but his own cancer—maybe even a normal year of middle school.

But whispers in the halls and lingering grief over Oscar make Sam’s return much harder. To make matters worse, he is paired with popular girl Cat for a history project. Between Cat’s icy attitude and troubling rumors that Sam lied about having cancer, nothing seems to be going well.

Things start to look up when Cat and Sam unexpectedly bond over the UFO obsession he once shared with Oscar—but Sam isn’t sure he’s ready to open up to someone again. With the chance for a fresh start within reach, he worries that coming clean about his illness will only make Cat pity him. Hiding the truth also helps Sam avoid the biggest worry of all: what if his cancer comes back?

Drew Leclair Crushes the Case

Fan-favorite detective Drew Leclair returns to crack the case of a sneaky locker thief in this heartfelt sequel to the critically acclaimed middle grade mystery series that’s been called “the perfect story for readers ready to progress from Nancy Drew.” (SLJ, starred review). 

After breaking school rules the last time she solved a mystery, Drew Leclair has a new mission: get good grades, stay under the radar, and do not get suspended.

But when Drew finds out that there’s a thief breaking into the P.E. lockers and leaving behind cryptic ransom notes, it’s hard to resist cracking a new case. Especially when one of the victims is her best friend Shrey’s crush, and he’s practically begging her to get involved.

Can Drew catch the thief red-handed while staying out of trouble? And what does it mean when everyone around Drew is obsessing over crushes and the upcoming Wonderland dance, and Drew would rather work on her latest crime board?

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Drew Leclair Gets a Clue

In this modern take on Harriet the Spy, twelve-year-old Drew uses her true crime expertise to catch the cyberbully in her school—only to discover that family, friendship, and identity are the hardest mysteries to solve.

DREW LECLAIR GETS A CLUE is on shelves now at your local library and bookstore! Published by Clarion Books (Harper Collins)


--Featured on School Library Journal Best Books of 2022

“The perfect story for a kid who wants a little more than just a mystery about a school cyberbully. Readers who are ready to progress from Nancy Drew (who the main character was named after) but are not quite ready for One of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus will enjoy this book.” -- School Library Journal (**starred review**)

“The mystery comes to a satisfying conclusion…but the story really shines when she begins to process the feelings she’s been avoiding. Does she want her mother to come back or not? Does she like boys or girls? Does she trust her friends? Drew digs deep and talks everything through.” — New York Times Book Review


"Highly recommended for fans of Nancy Drew (Drew’s namesake) and those who appreciate the blending of realistic problems and mystery." --Booklist (**starred review**)

“There’s… [a] level of well-handled emotional realism in this appealing, thought-provoking work.”   -- Kirkus Reviews


  • This book is captivating, heartwarming, and deeply clever.

  • The mystery kept me on my toes.

  • Drew is perfectly imperfect—a whip-smart delight.

CONCLUSION: It would be a crime to miss Drew Leclair Gets a Clue!”     

--Lauren Magaziner, author of the Case Closed series   

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