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Drew Leclair's Holiday Gift Guide!

Hi, all!

The holidays are in motion (it's the sixth night of Hanukkah already!) and some may be looking for last minute gifts. I would love everyone to keep the Drew Leclair mysteries in mind, but I wanted to go a step futher.

Check out my full holiday gift guide (inspired by Disneybounding because I'm THAT nerd.

Drew Leclair Gets a Clue In this modern take on Harriet the Spy, twelve-year-old Drew uses her true crime expertise to catch the cyberbully in her school—only to discover that family, friendship, and identity are the hardest mysteries to solve.

Drew Leclair Crushes the Case

Fan-favorite detective Drew Leclair returns to crack the case of a sneaky locker thief in this heartfelt sequel to the critically acclaimed middle grade mystery series that’s been called “the perfect story for readers ready to progress from Nancy Drew.” (SLJ, starred review). 

Drew Leclair's Holiday Gift Guide

Most of these have multiple buy and style options so feel free to use your imagination!

  1. The books! (try to buy at your local bookstore!)

  2. Crime board supplies (Bulletin board, red yarm, post-it's, push pins)

  3. Magnifying glass necklace (I especially love the ones on Etsy!)

  4. Invisible ink pen

  5. Mystery Parties for tweens like this one.

  6. A forensic kit with fingerprint dusting--great for any aspiring detective

  7. Notebooks (to start observing like Drew!)

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