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Ready for 2022!


It's about to be my debut year in 3...2...1...

Haha gotcha.

I'm 43, and it's nowhere near midnight. Chances are my night looks a lot like this: me, in my Comfy, watching Wheel of Time with my husband and falling asleep by 9:30.

I'll be honest. Some of 2021 was rough. There's a lot I'll be happy to leave behind. But, unexpectedly, I had some triumphs this year. Here are three personal Best of 2021 lists for the last few hours of this...very uneven year.


1) Announcing my debut book, Drew Leclair Gets a Clue, which comes out TWO MONTHS from tomorrow!

2) Connecting with my fellow debuts, who are just lovely.

3) Writing THREE books in one year (and revising one more, plus one of those three)

4) Getting to share in the triumph of my fantastic CP, Eva Des Lauriers as she signed with my agency and we officially became agency sibs as well as friends.

5) Getting a lovely trade review from Kirkus (and a second review with a very exciting symbol next to it that I'll be announcing soon!


1) Seeing my daughter off to her first day of in-person school

2) Celebrating sixteen wonderful years with my husband (11 married)

3) Starting therapy (finally)

4) Getting my vaccine (then the second one, then the booster)

5) This year marks TEN YEARS cancer free

BEST OF 2021

1) Encanto

2) Ted Lasso

3) Jorts

4) Mare of Easttown

5) This meme:

Happy New Year, everyone! See you on the other side :)

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