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Write Where It Hurts: A New Podcast Coming Soon!

Hi, all! I wrote last month about debut stress and how it had taken its toll on me. Well, this month, I'm excited to announce that I'm putting those big feelings to good use! Last winter, my critique partner (the fantastic Eva Des Lauriers) and I hosted an IG Live to talk about our journey as CPs and how to manage that relationship. It was more successful than we could have hoped, and we found a lot of people were asking for more.

Fast forward to both of us dealing with publishing stress this year. We'd been talking about starting a podcast for a while to have something to occupy us between drafts, and then the answer came to us:

Write Where it Hurts is a podcast that focuses on mental health issues specifically for the writing community. Join us for some of those big feelings, but also big laughs, come June 20th, 2022!

Follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and subscribe wherever you listen :)

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